Reviews for Dr. Fernando

To anyone considering cosmetic surgery, I want to tell you about my experience. After having consultations with several board certified plastic surgeons there was not a doubt that Dr. Fernando was the surgeon for me. He addressed every question I had and then went into even more detail about what he would do for me. You will not get the “assembly line” face lift from Dr. Fernando. He really studies your face and bone structure and customizes it for you. I look like me, only 20 years younger. My results have far exceeded my expectations. His entire staff is professional, attentive, kind, accommodating and gentle; not only before the surgery but after the surgery as well. I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Fernando to anyone.


I came to Dr. Fernando with an encapsulated implant caused by radiation therapy on one side, a ruptured implant on the other side. We had our consultation and it was clear Dr. Fernando had a vision of what he wanted to do and how it would look. Dr. Fernando truly has magnificent talent. My reconstruction looks amazing. I must say his staff is exceptional. Thank you all for being so wonderful to me from beginning to end. I appreciate you beyond what words can say.

- Terrie

Should you reach the place where your commitment to “be the best you can be” could use a little assistance please go see Dr. Fernando and his incredible team. It’s a big decision and you deserve the best.


There are not enough ways to express my gratitude to you and your team for the exceptional caring you have shown me the past few years. The hardest thing I did was to make the first appointment, after that I realized I was in the best of hands. Through my journey with you, I have only been shown caring for my safety, concern for what my thoughts were and a professional attention to detail. You have the skills of an artist and the empathy of a very special man. You, Dr Coleene and Sandy are, and will always be, a part of my village. Thank you.

– Casey

Not many doctors get it all, but in this case, Dr Barry Fernando does. By “all” I mean that Dr Fernando has precise technical skills, almost anal retentive; excellent “bedside manner”, actually listening to what his patients want, taking an active personal interest; and gifted in artful creativity bringing out the best “look” for each patient. I dreaded my “lift”, but couldn’t have been happier with the experience and the result !

– Patty

My two Dr Fernando’s – The most fabulous Doctors ever !


Please go hug these two fabulous Doctors for me! I just found these 2 pictures on my computer that I took right before my face lift. Just look at the job you did on my eyes! When I compare them with the after pictures I was ecstatic! Wow Dr. Fernando took 20 years off my face! I am so happy all I can do is smile and jump up and down!

I love these Doctors and I am telling everyone I know! I have already told my Dentist, Dr Paul Carlson and his office personnel- My Dermatologist, Dr. Kirsten Flynn as I saw her yesterday and I might say she was very impressed with your work and would let her patients know! They were all so impressed and they also looked for my scars! I fooled them, as they could not see any!

Now that you have done another surgery on me for my tummy Tuck and liposuction. I am even more impressed. I have a stomach that is flat and rock hard! My saddle bags are gone too. I am so impressed with your work !

You have changed my whole attitude about myself!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– Linda